24-Hour Environmental Hotline


The Oakland County Water Resources Commissioner has partnered with the Oakland County Department
of Public Safety to offer a 24-Hour Pollution Hotline for the reporting of potential storm drain problems.
Please call this number if you witness any of the following:

  • ♦  Failing septic systems (evident by standing sewage on the ground)

  • ♦  Suspicious dumping in storm drain catch basins or waterways

  • ♦  Dead or stressed fish or animals

  • ♦  An unusual or suspicious discharge from a storm drain or in a waterway

  • ♦  Dumping of animal waste

  • ♦  Runoff from storage piles or dumpsters

  • ♦  Construction site soil erosion entering surface waters

    Please provide the following information when you call:

  • ♦  Your name and phone number (you can remain anonymous if you choose)

  • ♦  The source of pollution and what was spilled

  • ♦  Quantity of soil

  • ♦  Body of water impacted

  • ♦  When spill occurred

  • ♦  Major cross roads of spill or known address

    There are many ways you can help stop pollution from entering our waterways through the local storm drains by:

  1. Becoming more aware of what may be causing storm water pollution in your area, through the Township and local website and getting involved in the community.

  2. Report to your municipal officials:
    Any dumping of inappropriate materials (i.e. oil or antifreeze) into storm water drains Construction sites that do not have erosion or sediment controls
    Suspicious looking materials or discoloration of storm drains or in local streams, lakes

    or rivers

  3. Using good housekeeping practices with lawn care chemicals, oil, gasoline, pet wastes, etc.

  4. Helping to start or participate in programs to recycle and safely dispose of used oil and

    household hazardous wastes and containers.

  5. Telling others about pollution from storm water runoff and what they can do to help.