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The Charter Township of Oxford Planning Commission is a seven (7) member administrative body created by the
Township Board of Trustees under the authority of the Michigan Zoning Enabling Act (P.A. 110 of 2006). Commissioners
are appointed by the Township Supervisor with approval of the Township Board for staggered, three-year

The Planning Commission is charged with both long and short-range planning duties, such as:
1.  Preparation and revision of the Township’s comprehensive Master Plan, including private land uses and general location
     of infrastructure (major streets, public utilities).
2.  Review of proposed revisions to the Zoning Ordinance (the local land use regulations).
3.  Review of proposed rezoning. Review of proposed subdivision plats and other developments.
4.  Review of proposed site plans, acreage divisions, and special land uses.

The Planning Commission meets at 7:00 p.m. on the second and fourth Thursdays of each month (except holidays)
at the Charter Township of Oxford Township Hall, 300 Dunlap Rd. All meetings are open to the public. Agendas
are posted outside the Township office located at 300 Dunlap Rd. and at the Village of Oxford office located at 22 W.
Burdick St. no later than the Monday preceding the meeting.

For further information, please contact the Oxford Township Offices, 300 Dunlap Rd., Oxford, MI 48371 or by phone
at (248) 628-9787 ext. 110.

  • Michael Young, Chairman
  • Thomas Berger, Vice Chairman
  • Ed Hunwick, Secretary
  • Jack Curtis
  • Michael Spisz
  • Kallie Roesner
  • Jonathan Nold

We apologize that Planning Commission minutes are no longer available on the website.  If you would like a copy of any
minutes, please feel free to contact the Clerk's office at (248) 628-9787, ext. 5.

Deanna (Burns) Cushing, Deputy Supervisor
Phone: (248) 628-9787 Ext. 110
Fax:     (248) 628-8139
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